Who Is the Navigator?

I have been traveling to Burlington, Vermont twice a week to build a volunteer leadership team that will soon start working with teenagers in the Burlington area.  We started the school year with a group of six young women, composed of few college students and a few young professionals.  For our first meeting together, I […]

And the Things You Have Heard From Me

A couple of weekends ago, I was able to pass along an old lesson to a group of heroes at Young Life’s Saranac Village.  It was the Greater Northeast Region’s Leadership Weekend, and I was given the privilege of coaching up 425 dedicated volunteers and staff who gathered that weekend for training and encouragement.  From 9:30 am […]

While Christ Worked on Us

Last week, the Cook family was at Young Life’s Saranac Village to help coordinate the annual work week, where our team made the final preparations for the summer season.   We painted, planted, spread mulch, and cleaned up brush and branches that accumulated over the winter. Each night, it was my privilege to lead the […]

The Power of “The Next Time” | leadership42day

When you evaluate, do you look forward or back? We in Young Life have a culture of evaluation, which is a good thing. Our constant evaluation of ourselves and each other helps us to achieve the excellence that we strive for in our mission. Evaluation, despite its necessary function, and good intentions, is not always […]

What Do You Have in Common with the Chesapeake Bay? | leadership42day

Who are you becoming as a leader?  How will what you do today affect your leadership ten or twenty years from now? This fall, I was driving in Upstate New York, from Albany to Oneonta on Interstate 88.  About halfway there, I passed a sign that said, “Entering the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.”  I was incredulous.  I did […]

“I Call the Butt!”

    “I call The Butt!”  is a familiar refrain at our house. “The Butt” is the seat at the end of our 9-foot dinner table opposite “the head,” where I normally sit.  We have Young Life leaders and teenagers over at our house for dinner every week, and somebody invariably calls out that they […]

The Evidence in the Lobby

Last week, I was in the final stages of preparation for the Capital District Young Life benefit. We had just set up the sound system, and I was going over the schedule of the night with our program tech.  My assistant Amy walked up to me and showed me the viewfinder screen on her camera, […]

Water, Flour, and Grace

It is a beautiful sunny morning during our area camp trip at Lake Champion, and there are 400 or so campers and leaders on the front field for field games. One of the guys in my cabin group is named Chris. He is a teenager with Autism, and he is nonverbal. Chris came to Lake Champion […]

Heaven is Home

A few weeks ago, I asked a room of high school students what they thought of when they thought of heaven.  The answers weren’t particularly impressive.  One answer of course was the familiar image of clouds in the sky.  I was surprised to hear one student reference the 80’s hit song “Heaven is a Place […]