Area in Development: SoDak Young Life

What is a “SoDak?”  If you are familiar with the Great Plains, you might recognize “SoDak” as a nickname for South Dakota.  Here in the Great Northeast however, “SoDak” is the name of a new Young Life area. Last year about this time, we began the process of splitting one Young Life area (The Capital […]

The Evidence in the Lobby

Last week, I was in the final stages of preparation for the Capital District Young Life benefit. We had just set up the sound system, and I was going over the schedule of the night with our program tech.  My assistant Amy walked up to me and showed me the viewfinder screen on her camera, […]

Journal Entry: September 3-9

Tuesday, 9/3: Started this day at the Burnt Hills Diner with my friend Paul, who met Christ this summer at YL camp (That’s a story for another time). Later in the day, headed to Burlington, VT, for a meeting with adults. On the way, I stopped to meet with Kyle Esposito, who is in training […]

Water, Flour, and Grace

It is a beautiful sunny morning during our area camp trip at Lake Champion, and there are 400 or so campers and leaders on the front field for field games. One of the guys in my cabin group is named Chris. He is a teenager with Autism, and he is nonverbal. Chris came to Lake Champion […]

Journal Entry: Week of June 24th

Every now and then, you have one of those weeks that ends, and you wonder where it all went. Occasionally, I will share my week in the form of a journal entry: Monday: Spent most of this day catching up from vacation, and preparing for a busy week.  Highlight was Campaigner meeting at our house in […]

Heaven is Home

A few weeks ago, I asked a room of high school students what they thought of when they thought of heaven.  The answers weren’t particularly impressive.  One answer of course was the familiar image of clouds in the sky.  I was surprised to hear one student reference the 80’s hit song “Heaven is a Place […]

A Prayer of Fatherly Blessing

After over twenty years of youth ministry, if I had to pick one decisive influence in the life of the average teenager, I would say it is their relationship with their father (or lack thereof.)  My own story of coming to faith in Christ is inextricably linked to my relationship with my own father, and I now […]

Seven Ingredients of Proclaiming Christ

Any movement as effective as Young Life has a “special sauce,” a unique way of looking at life that makes it different than other movement.  Jim Rayburn, the founder of Young Life, embodied this “special sauce” in the early days of the mission, especially in the way he spoke to teenagers about Jesus.  Rayburn’s vision […]

Reading to Lead (2/7/13)

Here’s what I’m reading this week: One of the Greatest Speeches of All Time    Whenever we speak in front of a group of people, chances are good that there will be several, distinct groups of people in our audience.  Nancy Duarte’s analysis of Ronald Reagan’s speech to the nation following the Space Shuttle Challenger […]