Heaven is Home

A few weeks ago, I asked a room of high school students what they thought of when they thought of heaven.  The answers weren’t particularly impressive.  One answer of course was the familiar image of clouds in the sky.  I was surprised to hear one student reference the 80’s hit song “Heaven is a Place […]

The Inertia of Relationships

“Objects at rest tend to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.”   –Newton’s First Law of Motion Objects at Rest . . .  Newton’s Law governs motion, but it also governs human relationships.  While I was talking with a high school student one day, he described one of his friendships to […]

Pepper It

Through the years, I have led and participated in hundreds of small group discussions that have followed a similar pattern: The group reads a passage of scripture, and then participants in the group take turns making observations about the passage, aided by questions that the leader has prepared ahead of time.  This standard format has […]