Who Is the Navigator?

I have been traveling to Burlington, Vermont twice a week to build a volunteer leadership team that will soon start working with teenagers in the Burlington area.  We started the school year with a group of six young women, composed of few college students and a few young professionals.  For our first meeting together, I […]

And the Things You Have Heard From Me

A couple of weekends ago, I was able to pass along an old lesson to a group of heroes at Young Life’s Saranac Village.  It was the Greater Northeast Region’s Leadership Weekend, and I was given the privilege of coaching up 425 dedicated volunteers and staff who gathered that weekend for training and encouragement.  From 9:30 am […]

47 Kids, a Dinner Party, and Wishing Heaven was Real

Beacon, NY—47 kids. That’s how many kids were at the launch meeting for Young Life in Beacon, NY last week. Over the past year, I have been working with a long-time volunteer named Craig Burgiere, to start ministry in this town that lies along the Hudson River in Southern Dutchess County. Craig has taken busloads […]

You are not the most Interesting and Extraordinary Person in the Universe

But Jesus is.   In “The Lego Movie,”  the main character Emmet is told that he is  the “most important, talented, interesting and extraordinary person in the universe.”  He tries to fake it for awhile, but of course that’s too much to live up to for anybody . . .except Jesus Christ.  I believe he […]

While Christ Worked on Us

Last week, the Cook family was at Young Life’s Saranac Village to help coordinate the annual work week, where our team made the final preparations for the summer season.   We painted, planted, spread mulch, and cleaned up brush and branches that accumulated over the winter. Each night, it was my privilege to lead the […]

The Power of “The Next Time” | leadership42day

When you evaluate, do you look forward or back? We in Young Life have a culture of evaluation, which is a good thing. Our constant evaluation of ourselves and each other helps us to achieve the excellence that we strive for in our mission. Evaluation, despite its necessary function, and good intentions, is not always […]

Young Life in the Shark Tank

This post is the second in a series of three updates on recent area development progress in Eastern New York and Western New England.  You may want to read the preceding post Possible or Impossible? Inspired by the Sharks  In ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank,” entrepreneurs pitch their business idea before a panel of five investors (the […]