Guns Ablazing in Vermont


Vermont staff Todd Goodyear and Katie Nickitas “testing” the training machine we found in our hosts’ basement

“Do you have any guns?”  This strange question came out of my mouth last week.   I was setting up for a community interest meeting in the basement of a home in Shelburne, VT, when I saw a collection of what must have been fifteen pairs of Nordic skis in the other room, racked neatly like they were in a store display.  When I was done setting the room  up, I headed upstairs to inquire about the skis.  I came to find out that Joan, our hostess, competed in 1992 and 1994 Winter Olympics in the Biathlon!   Biathlon combines Nordic skiing and shooting, so after seeing the skis, I naturally wondered where the guns where.  Joan assured me she also had a case of guns.  I’m always astounded at some of the places this work takes me, and some of the people I get to meet!

The interest meeting itself was to gather support around developing a new Young Life ministry in the Champlain Valley Union School community.  This community is in the southern part of Chittenden County, and the high school is one of the largest in Vermont.  We had about 20 people there to learn about Young Life.  Several people indicated that they were interested in being on committee, and a few wanted to learn more about being a leader.  We even had a Catholic priest in attendance who has since set up an informational meeting about Young Life in the two parishes he serves.

If everything continues to go well, we anticipate beginning contact work in this community this fall.  We have already identified a young woman named Katie who wants to be the staff person to lead the team.  She went through the regional hiring process, and has been approved to begin raising money for the position.   This would become the second ministry team operating in Chittenden County, the other being the volunteer team building relationships in the city of Burlington.  Please continue to pray for kids in Vermont!


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One thought on “Guns Ablazing in Vermont

  1. Hi Glenn!
    I am so happy to see you having success in New England! You know I am a NEer at heart (Sandy and I are thinking of moving back to Cape Cod, even). Let me know how I can help with financial support. Does this VT effort have a YL area number yet?

    Also, good luck if you ever try the Greenfield area. Heaven knows they could use YL, but that area, and esp. that Catholic diocese is a tough nut to crack.

    Hope your family is all well and enjoying life …
    Mrs. Gunn