You are not the most Interesting and Extraordinary Person in the Universe


But Jesus is.   In “The Lego Movie,”  the main character Emmet is told that he is  the “most important, talented, interesting and extraordinary person in the universe.”  He tries to fake it for awhile, but of course that’s too much to live up to for anybody . . .except Jesus Christ.  I believe he is all of those things, and it brings me joy to help young people ponder and discover this truth.

On July 12, I returned from a week at Young Life’s Saranac Village, where hundreds of kids from all over the northeast were having the time of their lives, and hearing about the unique and extraordinary person of Jesus Christ.  On the way back, I asked the kids from the Capital District to write their reflections on the week.  Below are just a few quotes from what they had to say.

You guys make me feel like God has a purpose for my life . . .

It might have taken me two years to start a relationship with God but it was all worth it.

Best week of my life! . . .

I felt welcomed and I could just be myself. I decided to go all in with Jesus . . .

Young Life was the single greatest week of my life.  It really changed my perspective on lots of things.

Most importantly, this week I let Christ in to become the center of my life.

I had some amazing talks with my leader and got to have tons of fun with some awesome people . . .

The activities we do are are also fun and a total blast, but the best part for me was building up relationships with other kids, my leaders, and most importantly, God.  And relationships  leave a longer impact and more memories than fun activities.

I spend a lot of my time these days training staff, developing teams of leaders and committee, and pioneering new work, but this is why we do all of this.  When I read these words I see faces, remember conversations, and know context.  You don’t have the benefit of that.  But I hope you do see the power and wonder of young people coming to discover that they were made for a purpose, for relationships, and for a God who came and visited all of us in the person of Jesus Christ.  Every summer, it is life changing for me to watch this happen.

What have you experienced this summer that will make you a different person forever?


*photo by Gus Carayiannis

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