While Christ Worked on Us


Last week, the Cook family was at Young Life’s Saranac Village to help coordinate the annual work week, where our team made the final preparations for the summer season.   We painted, planted, spread mulch, and cleaned up brush and branches that accumulated over the winter.

Each night, it was my privilege to lead the team in worship and in a study of the scriptures.  We spent all week looking at the healing of blind Bartimeaus in Mark 10.  We asked questions about the passage until we were out of questions, then began looking at a few larger Biblical themes that make their way into this great account of Jesus’ healing power.  On the last night, we spent some time focusing on how to integrate and apply what we learned back home.  One particular joy was getting to know a woman who signed up for work week who met Christ at Saranac 22 years ago.  She hadn’t been back to camp since, and had lost touch with Young Life.  We were all blessed to hear how Christ is impacting her life so many years later.

It was great to spend time with this group of young people from all over the Northeast, and have Jesus work on us as we worked on the camp.  Below is a quote from one of the participants, followed by a short video, filmed and edited by Eva, the camp video intern:

I met great new friends, saw and spend time with old friends, met an amazing family that showed me what is possible when loving each other and being filled with Christ looks like, got covered in paint, and finish, and a multitude of other things while working, went on a spontaneous road trip on the way home and saw so many beautiful things god created just for us, … but I had so much fun!!. I’m so glad I decided to venture into the unknown because it led me to have an amazing week filled with endless love and reminded me why the only thing that fills your heart is the love of Christ.  I’m so thankful and blessed.


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