Nobody Likes Me


Below is an excerpt from a December 2012 update to our Capital Region team:

Dear Friends,
“Nobody likes me.”  This is what a teenager, whom I will call “Pete,” said in one of our group discussions recently.  We’re fairly used to Pete saying things like this, because he doesn’t have the same social filter as other teenagers.  There is a level of honesty when Pete communicates that tends to make others around him uncomfortable.  Though Pete is genuinely friendly, he often doesn’t know when it would be more “polite” or “cool” to just be silent.   And I’m learning to love him for it.
What I realized when Pete said “Nobody likes me,” is that he was willing to say something that everyone else in the room has felt at one time or another.  We have all pondered deep hurt in the quiet of our hearts.  He’s not as different from the rest of us as he might appear—he’s only more honest.
Our vision in Young Life is that there would not be a single kid who finds themselves alone and without spiritual guidance at the most critical time in their life.  And whether a kid is painfully honest about how he feels inside, or keeps it to herself, every day Young Life leaders walk alongside kids and help them to see that they are not alone.  And Young Life leaders offer something much more than friendship: we invite kids to consider the life-changing truth that Jesus Christ knows each of them from the inside out.  And he not only knows them, but he accepts them as they are.

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