Journal Entry: Week of June 24th

Kristan, Meredith and Me at the 2013 BHBL Commencement

At the 2013 BHBL Commencement with Meredith (center) and Kristan, one of our BHYL leaders

Every now and then, you have one of those weeks that ends, and you wonder where it all went. Occasionally, I will share my week in the form of a journal entry:

Monday: Spent most of this day catching up from vacation, and preparing for a busy week.  Highlight was Campaigner meeting at our house in the evening.  Kan-Jam in the front yard, storytelling, snacks, worship, and peppering Isaiah 55 with a roomful of teenagers.  Could only cover half of what I wanted–can’t wait for part 2 next week.

Tuesday:  Half-day retreat with a small group of men I have been meeting with.  Great catching up on life with a group of friends who are committed to Christ and each other.  More peppering Isaiah 55.  A lot of great insights and questions–will help with Campaigners next week.  Finished with a discussion of identity based on a book called Who am I? by Jerry Bridges.

Wednesday:  All day retreat with the Greater Northeast regional development team.  Four regional developers with our regional director Rick Rogan.  Highlight of the meeting was discussing a plan  to start YL college at every SUNY campus in the state.

Thursday: Hour-long conversation with Kyle, our staff associate in the Glens Falls area talking about our upcoming camp trip.  BHBL graduation at noon.  Sat with Kristan, one of our YL leaders who traveled back from Boston to be there.  She and Emily were leaving from graduation to go pick up a camp registration from a girl who Emily has been getting to know.  Graduation party at the Cyrus’ that afternoon.

Friday: Picked up Joe to help me put up a party tent.  Joe is going to camp, and the tent help raises money toward the trip.  Great conversation over coffee with two friends and mentors about ministry, plans and communicating.  Lunch with another mentor named George who I haven’t seen in awhile.  Fun to tell him all that has happened in the last few months.

Saturday:  Its graduation party season, and we had two today, along with a 25th wedding anniversary party for friends.  Came home around 8.  Had high school and college guys over for pizza and hanging out from 8:30 until 1 am.  A rich day full of relationships and blessings.


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