Reading to Lead (2/7/13)


Here’s what I’m reading this week:

One of the Greatest Speeches of All Time    Whenever we speak in front of a group of people, chances are good that there will be several, distinct groups of people in our audience.  Nancy Duarte’s analysis of Ronald Reagan’s speech to the nation following the Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy shows how adeptly he spoke to five different audiences in the same speech.

Why I’m Not More Public About My Faith   A thought-provoking read from Donald Miller.  Agree or disagree?

How to Brainstorm the Best Ideas Ever   Early in my leadership career, I often greeted new ideas with “No, because . . .”   Then I learned to say,  “Yes, if . . .”   This article by Marcus Brotherton adds a wrinkle to “Yes, if” that I’m going to try soon.

America’s Most Bible-Minded Cities  Where does your city rank, and what implications does it have for your leadership and your ministry?

Take Every Song Captive  is an article by Marvin Olasky about his attempt to redeem Leonard Cohen’s often-covered song “Hallelujah” (featured in “Shrek” & “The West Wing”).  Click here to see a cover of Olasky’s version by Brian LoPiccolo (a friend of fellow YL staff Wes Leuthauser).

The Scale of the Universe  This website is just plain fascinating.  You can use the scroll bar to go from viewing the smallest things to the largest things in the known universe.  “Without him nothing was made that has been made.” –John 1:3

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