Reading to Lead 12/5/12

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Here are several articles to help you think and act differently as you follow Christ and lead others:

Sermon Preparation I think Ray Ortlund gets to the heart of what what Jim Rayburn meant when he said “Its a sin to bore a kid with the Gospel.”

Being timely, specific, and sincereMy friend Michael Holland gives some great advice on how to give feedback to people that we coach and supervise.

How to Live Without IronyChristy Wampole of the New York Times has an interesting interpretation of hipster culture.   I especially like her assertion of irony as a defense mechanism that we all use.

Thoughts for Guest Preachers–  Have you even been a guest preacher at a church?  If so, you probably will wish you (or the pastor that invited you) had read this first.

This last one is not an article, but a website that I have visited almost daily since finding it. is a web-based scripture memory application.  It helps you memorize verses and passages, and figures out just the right time to review verses so you don’t forget them.  It is helping me make scripture memory an ongoing spiritual discipline in my life.  

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