Reading to Lead 11/5/12

After somewhat of a hiatus, the Leadership42Day Team is back at it, and the first post is the next installment in what I have dubbed the  “Reading to Lead” series.  In these posts, we share with you links to online articles and other blog posts that have been thought-provoking for us.  You can find all articles in the “Reading to Lead” series filed in the Reading2Lead category of this blog.  Here are five recent articles to inform and challenge your leadership:

  • Changing the City with the Gospel Takes a Movement: Tim Keller describes what it looks like when the Holy Spirit works across denominational and organizational lines to reach a city for Christ.  I have often heard people say “We need to pray for a revival.”  I have of course agreed, without having much idea of what one would look like.  This article has started to help me to see.  The article is an excerpt from Keller’s recently-released book titled Center Church.
  • Seth Godin has an interesting take on motivation.
  • Competence vs. Character: A challenging article about what happens when we forget what is really important.
  • 37 Ways to Love One Another:  A great summary of the “One Another” passages in the Epistles.  A great base for a Leadership or Campaigner lesson on community.

One more thing:  How do you file and archive what you read online?  Awhile ago, I came across a great series of articles by Michael Hyatt about a tool called Evernote.  Ever since, I have used Evernote to clip, tag and file online articles (and everything else).

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