Reading to Lead (4/10/12)

Here are some recent articles that might get you to think differently about your leadership, or encourage you in a direction you are already going.

Unhealthy Organizations  As leaders in this mission, we all have responsibility for setting the tone in our little corner of the world.  This is a great list of what NOT to do.

A Brief History of Youth Ministry  In this article, Young Life gets credit for starting something that the author argues isn’t working: church youth ministry.  What are the implications, if any, for Young Life?

Zone vs. Man-to-Man– The author shares a great sports analogy for ministry:

I go to work….I cover my “zone”.  I come home; I cover my “husband and father” zone. I go to church, teach a Sunday school class, lead a small group, I’m covering my zone. If someone comes into my zone, I’m ready. If someone in my small group calls me with a problem, then I’m there to help. But I’m not going to look for engagement. I’m not going to initiate. It’s a lot more convenient to respond…to wait for the need to arise…to play “zone”

Jesus played “man to man”.

Email Checklist  How many of these rules have you broken?

Praising Others is Not Optional  -“ A person sniffing flowers when a bee stings quickly forgets the flowers, even if the bouquet is very large. If a pattern of corrections is outweighing the affirmations, the sting stays with us, and added corrections are like picking at the scab made by the sting.”

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